Tracy and Gary – 107 lbs Weight Loss Combined

Tracy and Gary Weight Loss testimonial
Tracy and Gary Weight Loss testimonial

Our weight loss journey began back in the fall of 2015. We were at an event and were talking to my Aunt Penny Stevens, who by the way lost 52 lbs. on the medical weight loss plan. She looked great, felt great and had a renewed look on life. Shortly after that I went to my primary physician, for a 3 month checkup, blood work etc. I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol and was tipping the scales at 276 lbs. The doctor wanted me to lose 15 lbs. from my last visit but I had gained weight. He told me I was caught at a crossroads in my life, he said you can continue down this road you are on which is going to lead  to heart problems, poor heath and other things or you can make a change in your life. I have 3 children and I would like to see them grow up and have families of their own. I started to really think about my health and my future. My wife Tracy and I started discussing the weight loss thing and getting healthier. We both decided that after the holidays we would make an appointment and see what the program was about.

gary and tracy after result

We started the program at the end of January on the partial replacement plan. I started out at 276 lbs. and Tracy was at 225 lbs. It would be a long road ahead of us but doing it together would make it easier. We’re not going to lie it was tough at the beginning but once you develop a routine and change your eating habits it becomes your new way of life. We also have had so much support from our friends and family that keeps us chugging on with this journey. It has been 10 months and I am at 217 and Tracy is at 177. We have not reached our goal weights but we’re closing in on them. We are confident that we will reach it and maintained our new us! We feel great and it feels humbling when people that haven’t seen us compliment us on how great we look. I am no longer on any blood pressure or cholesterol medication.

Last but not least the staff is AMAZING. We cannot express how friendly and supportive they have been. We couldn’t have done it without any of them they play a key part to our success.  Several of our friends have decided to jump on the healthy wagon after being part of our experience and are seeing success with the program. We can’t stress enough how this has just changed our lifestyle and our outlook on life. We now have fun shopping and enjoy the experience unlike in the past. Thank you again to the staff, doctors, friends and our families for making us feel so great!


  1. OMG You’re famous!!! I’m so proud of you guys. You both look so good, and I know how determined you’ve been. And the health benifits have been tremendous for you Gary, you too Tracy. Hope I can have the same happy results.
    I love you guys, Aunt Faith

  2. Kay and Ray Bibik

    We are so proud of Gary and Tracy for such an accomplished goal!!! They look fantastic and as Tracy’s parents there ae no words that can express her new outlook on life and most of all how she feels about herself!! Gary is our love, and we are so happy they did this together and as a couple and he alone has a new attitude and outlook on life which speaks volumes. We love these two very much and are so proud of their success on the program !

  3. Penny Stevens

    I am so proud of you both !! I am so glad to have been a part in your weight loss journey . Keep up what you are doing & you will reach your goal .I’m so happy that Gary is off his meds & seems so much happier . Tracy looks great and is always smiling now .Love you both .Aunt Penny

  4. Dr Wendy

    You guys are such a pleasure to work with- and your after picture says it all: a happy, healthy and beautiful twosome! 2017 is going to be an amazing year for both of you! Congratulations on your success.


  5. Sam

    Tracy and Gary- We can’t thank you enough for all of your kind referrals. The best compliment and thank you we can receive is the referral of a new patient. You are such a pleasure to have at our office. Great job and thank you!!!!

  6. Martha. MWL RD

    Bravo! Well done!!
    Your motivation and enthusiasm are contagious as evidenced by the family and friends you have referred to MWL. Your impact on the health and happiness of those around you is life changing for both you and those you have motivated to lose weight. Keep up the good work,

  7. Tracy

    Thank you all soooo much!! We love the program and love the people!! Can’t say enough good things!! We soooo recommend going here. It has been life changing for us!

  8. Marilyn

    Awesome job Gary and Tracy. You guys are a true testament to the benefit of having a support system. Your hard work and great energy is inspiring to all of us in the office, and it’s been amazing to watch as you reach your goals along the way!!

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