Sue’s Testimonial

Sue Testimonial on hormones for women
Sue Testimonial on hormones for women

When the hot flashes started, my plan was to just deal with them and let them run their course. However, I did not expect the fatigue or the brain fog. I was struggling through my workouts and struggling even more with finding words during presentations and meetings. I met with Dr. Scinta and discussed BHRT pellets as an option for me.

Honestly, I left the office not really sure this would help me and wasn’t convinced a bioidentical hormone is what I needed. Until…I received the results of my blood work and found out my testosterone was down to an 8. I now realized I needed to do something and scheduled an appointment for the insertion.

The results for me were immediate and I felt strong for the first time in over a year. I also noticed my brain was not scrambling for words and I was able to articulate my thoughts without a struggle. Who knew these symptoms were all interrelated? I now know when I’m due for another insertion just by listening to my body. When I feel really tired for no obvious reason or the word struggle starts, I know it is time to call the office for a blood draw and schedule the next insertion.

I would recommend this therapy to anyone experiencing symptoms to see if hormone replacement is right for them. The staff at the office are wonderful and always take the time to answer all of your questions and concerns.

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