Pam’s 60lb weight loss

before and after of weight loss patient, Pam, 60 pounds of weight loss
before and after of weight loss patient, Pam, 60 pounds of weight loss

Having been overweight most of my life and coming from a family that has a history of obesity, I know what it feels like to think there’s nothing you can do about your weight, so there’s no point in trying. But as Yoda said. “There is no try, only do.” So I did something.

I did the diet and exercise thing and absolutely nothing worked for me. It wasn’t until I moved to New York last August that I realized my weight was getting out of control. I had to get a jacket because having lived in Texas for 10 years, they’re not exactly needed. I was at Macy’s trying on North Face jackets and I was trying a 2X in Men’s already and I was horrified. I immediately went home, Googled “Weight Loss Doctors in Central New York” and “Medical Weight Loss of NY” popped right up. I checked the website out, talked to my parents and made an appointment to go to an informational meeting. My Dad went with me and we were instantly intrigued by Dr. Scinta. Her scientific background and approach made everything sound so promising and easy for me to do. I made my first appointment and we went from there.

I had to get blood taken and as weird as it sounds, I had never had blood taken before. So it was much to my surprise when on Saturday morning, Sheila called me because by blood work had come back. It was so drastic that a doctor’s office had to call a patient on a Saturday morning to prescribe medicine. The blood work showed that I was highly anemic, had a glucose problem and I had an insane thyroid level. I was immediately put on iron and synthroid. With that medicine and a diet and exercise change, I have lost 60 pounds in 8 months. So coming from an obese family and having tried everything in the book, I learned that without Dr. Scinta, I would have never been able to lose weight because of my hypothyroidism.

Today my anemia and thyroid disease are under control and I continue to see Doc and get closer to my weight goal and being healthy.

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