Michael’s Testimonial

Michael's hormone testimonial
Michael's hormone testimonial

My journey to hormone therapy has been a long one with several failures. Many years of serious illness had drained my testosterone and my ability to replace much of it. My bone density was going in the wrong direction for over 15 years. 

When I was 55, my wife convinced me to see Dr. Scinta and get educated on hormone pellet therapy. That decision changed everything for me. I’ve been on it for five years now and I can’t imagine not “getting my pellets.”

I’ve experienced all the benefits we heard about, such as increased energy and better moods. The most shocking thing is that after three years of pellet therapy, my bone density increased! The thought of that happening never crossed my mind. The doctor who tracks my bone density was just as surprised as I was.

Dr Scinta’s hormone replacement team makes this as easy as possible, and pain free. A simple blood test and you’ll be on your way to getting off the couch. Typically, I feel the pellets start working in a week or two and I’ve found that one treatment lasts approximately five months. I strongly encourage all men out there who need help with low T to give this a try. You won’t regret it, I’m positive. It’s also a guarantee your wife will be happy too!

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