Linda’s Lipotropic Experience

Linda Lipotropic injections testimonial
Linda Lipotropic injections testimonial

I’m a 50 year old female with severe degenerate arthritis and 4 year diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.  To say that staying active has been hard for me is to say the least.  Being on pain medication didn’t help as much as I would like and I am constantly on the hunt for way to feel better.  Being overweight by at least 25lbs doesn’t help either.  

 So when I came across an ad for Lipotropics – as skeptical as I was I had to try it, I had tried everything!  (CBD oil, specialized diets, etc… ) 

The office is great, no judgement and lots of folks to answer questions.  For the first few times I would come in on Mondays and there were a few different nurses that would do the shots.  But once I started to go on other days, David is there with his office just as you walk in, always with a smile on his face and ready to make me laugh while giving me my shots!  

It wasn’t until a few weeks went by when my family noticed how fast I was walking and moving up and down the stairs with no issues.  I all of a sudden noticed my pain was mostly gone. It was like a miracle. 

 I quickly thought – the only thing I was doing differently were the shots.  Could it be the Mic Fat Burn Plus or the Super B12 shots? It was then I researched how good B12 was for inflammation – not sure if it’s the combination or the fact it’s a weekly dose direct to my body that is a huge factor – but I do know it has changed my life.  I am now on my 5th month and still going strong. I think to myself how lucky I am everyday for giving this a try.  Oh and yes, my tummy is much flatter and I feel better all around.  I did do a four week test and just did the B12 shots and saw the difference in my tummy… needless to say – I’m back on the Mic Fat Burn Plus Shots as well!

Wendy and her team truly care about what’s best for you and what works for you.  They don’t push you into anything but they give you all the options. I am so thankful I gave it a try, it truly changed my life.

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