Kaitlin’s Weight Loss Success

Kaitlin's Weight Loss testimonial
Kaitlin's Weight Loss testimonial


Before I went to Dr. Scinta’s I was teased sometimes about my weight. I was not very athletic and I had a hard time running and keeping pace with other girls my age. I was hungry a lot and my mom was worried about my cholesterol. Then my doctor, Dr. Soeder, told my mom and I about Dr. Scinta and how she helped other kids like me.

At Dr. Scinta’s, everyone was really nice and didn’t mind saying hi to me. Dr. Scinta was the best, she talked to me and not just to my mom. She treated me like my age. She would give me tips on healthier ways to eat and different ways to get exercise into my day. Losing the weight seemed easy. Before I knew it, I was growing taller too. People began to notice a difference in me and that made me feel good about myself. Now I feel more confident in myself and I am not afraid to wear a tight shirt.

Thank to Dr. Scinta and your amazing staff.

Kaitlin’s Mom:

Thank you Dr. Scinta and your fabulous staff! Every time I think of you I start to cry. You have changed my daughter’s life. She has become a beautiful, self-confident pre-teen. She is finally happy again. No longer does she come home crying because she was teased on the bus, she has a brighter outlook on life and has discovered a great group of friends. She is more outgoing and is not afraid to stand up for herself. Not only has she improved emotionally, but her health has done an incredible turn around. In the past year, her BMI has dropped over 25% and her cholesterol has dropped more than 40 points. Thank you so much for making her feel special again and for putting the smile back on her face.

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  1. Charles Moore

    Congrats on your progress. You should be very proud of yourself, losing weight is not easy at any age but I can only imagine the unique challenges you have had to face. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Sam

    Remarkable and touching! Keep up the awesome work and stay fab! Love- Medical Weight Loss Staff

  3. Cynthia Salanger

    You are beautiful.. Congrats and keep up the good work!

  4. Tracy Simmons

    Congratulations to you for your success and courage! Keep up the great work!

  5. Grandpa

    Katie, you are a very special young lady. I am so very proud of you for all of your hard work & for all that you have accomplished. Keep up the good work!!!! You are the love of my life!!
    Grandpa Sprague

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