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Gloria’s Testimonial

Gloria Testimonial on hormones for women

Over the last decade, I began to feel more sluggish and tired. I gained weight and no matter what I did, I could not lose any. I was enduring a multitude of “female” issues for no apparent reason other than aging but I was otherwise healthy. I did not feel engaged in life or feel like myself and there were times I felt like I was “too emotional”.
I realized I had to do something because I was not getting any answers and could not believe that, as I was being told, “this is just normal aging”.

I made an appointment to see Dr. Scinta. The staff here is great! Dr. Scinta and her staff made me feel comfortable and actually listened to how I was feeling, what my symptoms were and what I thought I should feel like if I felt “normal” for me. They had my blood tested and found that, while my estrogen and other factors were within optimal ranges, my testosterone was almost non-existent.

I was started on a low dose of testosterone and my body accepted the pellets very well with no side effects. After a couple of weeks, I felt like my old self. I had not felt like this in years!

It has taken a couple of insertions to get the dosing optimal for me and I could not be happier. I have not had any negative side effects and feel like I have my life back!

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