Deborah Weight Loss Success Story

Deborah's Weight loss testimonial
Deborah's Weight loss testimonial
Weight Loss is a journey! Life is a journey.  Life catches up with us all.  Food is such an important part of this journey.  There are periods in our life when food is the most important thing to us.  Then, other times, food is just a necessity.  It depends on the time in your life you are going through, whether you are happy or sad, up or down, secure or insecure.

For me, my weight has always fluctuated, depending on whether food was important, or just a necessity, and when I was sad, down and insecure.  Food should not have played such an important role, but it did.  

I have always been healthy, sturdily built with a lot of muscle mass.  I have been blessed with an incredible amount of energy and strength throughout my life.  I am very much a happy person, who is goal oriented.  I have daily task lists and try hard to complete the tasks on that list.  I do have a tendency to underestimate the time and sometimes set unrealistic goals. 

I have noticed recently in my retirement, it takes longer to complete some of the simple tasks, yet I have not adjusted my task time frames.  I am an optimist at heart and will always be!  But I also noticed as I have aged, my weight was the highest it had ever been in my life and was unable to lose weight.  Some of my energy was disappearing and I was not happy with the way I looked or felt. And, most importantly, I wanted to stay healthy in my golden years. Weight is the enemy of health.  The more weight you gain the more medical issues you gain as well. 

With this in mind, I started researching metabolic specialists that would provide an individualized weight loss program and would become my partner throughout this process.   I needed to learn how to accelerate my metabolism by making proper food choices and eating the proper number of calories, while maintaining my social schedule, which includes a lot of vacations.  And most importantly, I wanted to maintain the weight loss after working hard to meet my goal.  I knew that if I gained the weight back, at this stage in my life, it would affect my health adversely.

Hence, I found the Medical Weight Loss of NY practice, headed by Dr. Wendy Scinta, MD, a pioneer in weight loss.  Her philosophy included tailoring an individualized program taking into account metabolic sensitivities to foods that cause weight gain.  She attained national success in her field and was a hidden gem for CNY.  Dr. Scinta, is warm, friendly and knowledgeable.  She has created a practice by hiring staff that share her most endearing qualities.

Heidi is absolutely wonderful.  She is always smiling, is an inspirational motivator, listens to what you tell her about your struggles and answers your questions, with current and accurate information. The remainder of the staff that I have met during my weight loss journey, all are professional, courteous, knowledgeable and truly concerned.  This is a true family, not just a medical practice.  

I met my weight loss goal of 55lbs in the time frame that I was comfortable with.  I traveled extensively and took 2 leaves of absence from the program, where I was not concerned about losing weight but wanted to maintain the weight loss and not gain during the absence.  I did this successfully and completed my goal in 2 years, while taking two 6 month leaves of absences. 

In summary, life is a journey and weight loss is a part of my journey. My health is wonderful, my energy has returned and I look forward to my next vacation.  Many say success is easier if you have the support of a good partner and family.  The Medical Weight loss staff became my partner during this process and, better yet, they became my adoptive family.  And the insight and medical information I received was accurate and based on facts. (Sometimes, our family and friends give us advice and, although their intent is good, the advice may not be as good as their intent.)  Since you are reading this review, my advice to you, if you want to lose some weight, go for it!  Remember it is a journey and easier with a partner in the weight loss process like the staff of MWL, and they too may become your adoptive family!  Good luck and be happy.

– Deborah

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  1. Barbara

    OMG! This is exactly what and the way i have been and am feeling. I have really never had a weight problem until i hit the menopausal years. I have been in the adult healthcare field for over 30 years and going to be 63 and refuse to go through what ive witnessed which is all the health and age related consequences of not taking care of yourself. My husband and I are “young” , wanting to be and stay healthy so we can enjoy our family , theirs as well as our future.

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