Debbie’s 60lb Weight Loss

before and after photo of weight loss patient, Debbie who lost 60 pounds
before and after photo of weight loss patient, Debbie who lost 60 pounds

I have been battling with my weight since high school. In the past I have tried a wide variety of weight loss programs; Weight Watchers, South Beach, Dr. Atkins, exercising as much as two hours a day, and even diet pills. While I would see some loss it was difficult to maintain and the weight would return. Recently I was working out with a personal trainer. Instead of losing weight, I gained. After injuring my foot and laying off the exercise I added even more weight. Frustrated I went to see my doctor, who identified me as “obese” and referred me to Medical Weight Loss of NY.

I was skeptical that this was just another weight loss program that would leave me where I started, but we attended one of Dr. Scinta’s informational meetings in mid-August. I will admit that I went into this with a negative attitude. I had Cliff come with me because I wanted to have an objective opinion. I was impressed by the wide range of the program, which includes a complete physical, blood work, metabolic testing, nutritional assistance and group counseling. Dr. Scinta’s credentials and background speak highly of her ability and desire to help her patients achieve their goal of healthy weight loss. I signed up that night and to my surprise, my first appointment was set for the next day.

I opted for the full meal replacement program. The OPTIFAST bars and shakes were tasty and easy to follow, taking the “thinking about food” out of the process. I have never been one for group sessions but found the meetings at Medical Weight Loss of NY very supportive. I was on full meal replacement for about 4 months. The nutritionist helped me develop healthy eating habits as I moved from the OPTIFAST to eating “real food”.

After 8 months with Dr. Scinta and her weight loss program I have lost over 60 pounds, with a goal to lose another 10. In the past I might have dropped a pants size. Now I am down about 5 sizes. I feel physically better, have more energy, my blood pressure has returned to normal, and I am healthier. Thanks to Dr. Scinta and her staff I am completely confident that I can maintain a healthy lifestyle and never go back to being overweight.


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  1. Sam


    The picture’s say it all; Your energy level is increased, you’re glowing, you look happy and healthy. I wish you continued success and happiness!

  2. Kathy

    You look absolutely beautiful! You should be very proud! I too am working with Dr. Scinta and can appreciate all of the fine things you said about the office staff, Dr. Scinta and your health. It’s inspiring. Best of luck to you in getting down to where you want to be and then staying there.

  3. Tracy

    You are truly an inspiration and the meaning of self dedication. It has been an honor to be apart of you journey.

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