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Cynthia’s 64lb Weight Loss

My name is Cynthia, I’m a 53 year old mother of one and wife of 23 years. I’m a short 5’1”, and until a year ago, very overweight. When I began dieting, I weighed 224 lbs. I wore 2x clothing and a size 7 shoe. I began going to Dr. Scinta’s Weight Loss Clinic in June 2010. I just had my final doctor’s appointment on July 26, 2011. I had gone to Dr. Scinta’s office in Manlius every Tuesday night for more than half a year. Most of Dr. Scinta’s patients stay in her full program 14 weeks. I didn’t know how I’d stay on that diet for 14 weeks, the end of September. All summer long and through the New York State Fair! I usually go to the Fair at least 5 of the 12 days. Not only did I stay on the 14 weeks, but I stretched it out to a full 25 weeks.

The Optifast program is only difficult in the beginning. I now wear a size 12/14 clothes and a size 6 shoe. I had lost 12 before starting with Dr. Scinta, but with her wonderful staff’s support, the counseling and Optifast products, and a little help from Dr. Scinta’s medication to curb some of my appetite, I did and have continued to lose weight. Officially, at Dr. Scinta’s office, I’ve lost 64 lbs. Really though I’ve done a total of 76. I had a “tummy tuck” done in June 2011. It does take determination and does cost money. When I think of the cost, I remember how much it would translate into the things I used to eat that now I never have near me! Plus, whatever wasn’t covered under my health insurance, I took off my taxes as a medical expense.

I have absolutely no regrets at having started and stayed on the program. I had great results, and a new understanding of how I need to eat to maintain my health and continue to lose weight. I have another 15 lbs. to go. Thank you Dr. Scinta, your wonderful staff, and Thank God for the Optifast Diet Program!

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  1. Sam


    You look amazing! I hope you have continued your success and wish you the best!

    -Sam @ Medical Weight Loss

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