Carol’s Weight Loss Success Story

Carol weight loss testimonial before & after photos
Carol weight loss testimonial before & after photos

My first visit at the doctor was to start a weight loss plan. I was the fattest I’ve ever been at 333lbs. Tired of losing and gaining it all back, and then some. Almost 49 years old with 2 kids in college and a 13 year old that I needed to be around for, I had just lost my mother, who had just turned 85, unexpectedly in February, and was starting to fear that I wouldn’t make it to 50.

Frustrated because my regular doctor told me that my lab work was great for someone my size, and I was the healthiest obese patient he’s ever seen! Which, I found out was NOT true. I was pre diabetic, had vitamin D deficiency, hypometabolism, and just plain FAT.

I barely made it home in August after driving my daughter back to school in south Florida. I was so swollen, my knee was hurting so bad, I couldn’t walk or drive without stopping every 20-30 miles. Which made for a LONG 1400 mile drive home alone. I had to stop and spend 2 nights at my sister’s in NC because I was in so much pain. Turns out, I have a torn meniscus. But was too fat for surgery.

For years my doctor has been telling me to have the gastric bypass, and I kept refusing. I didn’t want weight loss surgery, because to be honest, that seems way harder than doing it without surgery, and I know too many people who have had complications.

Dr. Scinta suggested the full meal replacement plan, I agreed to try it, but by the end of the weekend, I knew that wasn’t going to work for me, I needed real food! So on Monday morning I called, met with Martha, and came up with a plan. I actually love to exercise, so I started off slow, doing water aerobics a few days week, and walking outside everyday, no matter what the weather was. And coming in every week for a weigh in. I need every week, I need to see results or I slack off.

The pounds dropped off every single week. During this time, I drove to south Florida twice to visit my daughter, and STILL was able to lose while I was away! Today, a little over 6 months later, at my weekly weigh in, I’m down 90lbs. NINETY!!! 44lbs away from what I consider my goal weight, and who knows? Maybe I’ll keep going! It has been EASY. I learned how and what to eat, and know I will be able to maintain a balanced lifestyle as I age.

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