Billiejo Testimonial

Billiejo BHRT Testimonial
Billiejo BHRT Testimonial

Everyone warned me about turning 40 as a woman but I honestly didn’t believe them. Then came 41, and 42, along with weight gain, insomnia, increased anxiety, decreased concentration, and their friend – zero libido.

I tried to lose weight with a nutrition coach. I started Adderall because I thought I had adult ADD, and I was chewing melatonin like candy and praying for a good night’s sleep. None of it worked.

It never occurred to me that it could ALL be my hormones until my husband found an article about the importance of testosterone replacement in women. I immediately scheduled an appointment with Dr. Scinta and she was a breath of fresh air. For the first time, I don’t know how long, I felt seen and understood. She explained the whole process, answered all of my questions, and was just a delight to work with.

I have been on BHRT for over a year now and I’m never going back. My recovery from workouts is as fast as in my 20’s. My anxiety has tremendously improved, my focus and concentration are back, and hello libido! I tell everyone and anyone who will listen about the benefits of BHRT (including my other healthcare providers) because not enough women are talking about this! I finally feel human again and I am so grateful.

If you’re pondering whether or not BHRT is for you,  just do it. You won’t regret it.

– Billiejo

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