Alexis – 58 lbs. Weight Loss

Alexis Weight Loss testimonial
Alexis Weight Loss testimonial

Each of us has a perception of what beautiful is, as they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. It has been eleven months of learning to see myself as beautiful and breaking down my own stereotypes and judging myself on what I can do and what I want to do! So many times in my life I allowed myself to only hear and see the negative. I never stopped to believe I was worth more than that!

On September 5, 2009 I took an incredible leap of faith, hope, and determination, and decided that I will put my past behind me and start a new life with Dr. Scinta.

I will be honest and say that during my first appointment I broke down and cried, not just tiny tears, but huge crocodile tears! Tears that were filled with years of frustration, fear and negativity! Dr. Scinta listened and took a considerable amount of time with me. Wendy is one of the very few doctors who said she would help me and never lost sight of what our agreed upon goal was!

Eleven months later I can tell you that I am so close to reaching my goal, that sometimes when I am looking at myself in the mirror the tears are still falling down! But these tears are not the same as before, these are filled with self worth, hard work and a bounty of happiness!

This journey has been priceless to me, and these are a few of my favorite thoughts I have taken away. Keep listening to all the positive things around you! Enjoy each day you have and keep believing that you are worth more than you ever imagined and that ultimately you will be better than OK, you will be GREAT!

There are not enough words to say thank you to Dr. Scinta and her staff for all they have done for me! I can also tell you that it was by pure chance I found Dr. Scinta, but in the end it was Dr. Scinta who found me and brought me back to a life worth living for!

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  1. Mark O'Brien

    Dr. Scinta and staff,

    THANK YOU for all the ways you’ve supported my best friend, Alexis. She is the most amazing person in my life, as I’m sure you can tell, and sharing this journey with Lex has been my pleasure. Like all of us, we have our struggles. Alexis is always growing and she is SUCH a strong woman. Day after day, I’m watching Alexis choosing to define her own life and feel good with all of her success! I am so very proud of Alexis as she is the one who has done the hard work. Thanks to you and your team for helping to facilitate! I am inspired by Alexis as she shares her story publicly in different contexts. She has overcome obstacles successfully because of her persistence, determination, courage, and strength. She is a wonderful example to others and I trust her story will give others the hope they need to do this too! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  2. Phyllis

    Alexis, I can’t even begin to say how you are an inspiration to others. I’m very proud of you and all of your hard work and I look forward to seeing you at your weight goal! Keep up the good work!

  3. Mari Gruet

    Lex you have done such a great job – I am so proud of you – I hope and pray some day I can also take the steps you have taken with my own body. You have strength you never gave yourself credit for. You have laughter that will get you through the times when you may feel there is no end. Never stop believing in yourself look what you have accomplished! Love Mari

  4. Edie Munze

    Lexxie, You have always been better than OK to have always been even better than GREAT! You have learned to set high goals for yourself, and over the past few months, you have demonstrated a healthy persistence in order to achieve them. When I look at you, or spend time with you, I see a new Lexxie who has always been nearly perfect..but now knows it! I am so proud of you and am honored to be on your list of friends. Nice job Lexxie..keep up the better than great work.

  5. joyce

    A huge congratulations to you. Your willpower and determenation are priceless. Happiness and health will be yours,you deserve it. Love Joyce

  6. Jacki Abbott

    Alexis,thank you for sharing this quest. You are such an inspiration for all people trying to lose weight. It was an act of God when you couldn’t get clearance for your gastric by-pass last yr and He had something different in store for you. It doesn’t matter what method you use, it just matters that it gets done! You look truly have always been beautiful but if you don’t feel it inside, it doesn’t count. Keep it up and keep in touch.Miss you, love, JAcki

  7. wendy scinta


    You are pristine. Look at all of the love coming your way on these e-mails! They clearly know the beautiful spirit that now matches the body of one of my favorite patients. It has been my distinct pleasure to take this journey with you. I am honored that you have trusted me with your care. Sliding into home now….

    xox W

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