BOUNCE Program for Kids

What helps beat childhood obesity?

The Bounce Program: Effective Pediatric Dieting

The BOUNCE weight loss program at Medical Weight Loss of New York is a highly targeted weight loss program that addresses the behavioral, nutritional and social needs of children with weight issues.
Bariatric physicians fight child obesity with diet and exercise programs catered specifically to the needs of kids who are actively developing and growing.

About our Childhood Obesity Program

Dr. Scinta has assembled a team of dedicated, caring professionals who are highly experienced in the science of weight loss. In this nurturing environment, young patients get the medical attention they need and develop confidence and strength to change ingrained eating patterns.

Our B.O.U.N.C.E program includes:

  • Initial medical consultation and thorough medical assessment by Dr. Scinta to determine underlying medical causes of obesity
  • Customized meal plans that kids will enjoy
  • Weekly behavioral sessions for kids and their families
  • Age appropriate medications to help control appetite
  • Personal fitness training
  • Nutritional counseling

Dr. Scinta works one-on-one with the child, as well as together with their family, to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle that is conducive to maintaining a healthy weight as they grow.

Dr. Scinta’s BOUNCE program calls for the gradual removal of junk food and unhealthy eating habits through an elimination diet. The natural, slow approach helps children adjust to an appropriate balance of proteins, carbohydrates and “good” fats. Dr. Scinta advises parents to develop a routine of five smaller meals a day, allowing for a mild calorie deficit that doesn’t leave kids feeling hungry, and doesn’t involve counting calories.

Adult Diets Don’t Work for Kids

Children have specific nutritional needs that can’t be met by popular adult diets. Many popular weight loss programs lack the complex carbohydrates and calcium that kids need for energy and healthy development. Because critical bone growth occurs between six months and 18 years of age, kids require calcium—usually in the form of dairy products.

Liquid-protein diets are often successful for adults in weight management programs. However, these types of diets can be too calorie-restrictive for kids.

Most importantly, restrictive diets prevent children from developing an understanding of balanced nutrition. Instead of focusing on short-term diets, kids in child obesity programs must learn to adopt life-long healthy eating habits.

In order to succeed, childhood obesity programs need to be easy for children and parents to understand. Dr. Scinta believes in empowering children to make appropriate decisions about weight and health. A gradual week-by-week schedule helps kids understand new eating habits and choices. By using kid-friendly terminology and concepts, Dr. Scinta helps make losing weight easy and fun for kids.