Dr. Wendy’s 8-Week Weight Loss Challenge: The Midpoint (Part 2 of 3) 

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Welcome to the halfway mark of your 8-Week Weight Loss Challenge! Now’s the time to reflect on the progress you’ve made over the past four weeks. Have you established a healthy rhythm? Are you consistently enjoying your shakes and bars, indulging in lean and green meals, staying hydrated, and taking all your supplements? If you’re nodding in agreement but seeking additional guidance for the next four weeks, I’m here to share some invaluable tips to keep that weight loss motivation burning strong.

1. Weigh and Measure Yourself

Weighing yourself is crucial during this challenge. Many patients ask, “How frequently should I weigh myself?” I generally advise against doing it daily. Doing this can lead to an unhealthy obsession, which is counterproductive to your progress. I’d suggest weighing yourself once a week, ideally first thing in the morning, without any clothing, and before consuming any food or drinks. This measurement is known as “dry weight,” and it provides the most accurate reflection of your true weight.

Another valuable step is taking your measurements. Use a measuring tape to measure your chest, waist, and hip circumference. Remember, even if the scale doesn’t always reflect a decrease in measurements, you’ll notice it in how your clothes fit. Yet another way to tell that you’re making progress!

2. Always Plan Ahead

Before you leave the house for an extended period of time, pack a lunch box with a nutritious meal and stock up on healthy snacks. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail. Going unprepared can tempt you to indulge in junk food or order unhealthy meals when you’re busy and hungry at work. So resist temptation by always having a healthy alternative on hand.

Even with the best laid plans, there are other challenges to consider. One such challenge is the temptation to eat late, especially after returning home from a long day. Maybe you’ve struggled to eat earlier, but you know late night eating isn’t ideal for weight loss. To prevent days like this, consider having your biggest meal in the middle of the day, followed by a supplement. Planning ahead like this can be an effective way to prevent binge eating.

3. Increase Your Movement

Have you upped your physical activity since embarking on the 8-Week Challenge? If you’ve been exercising, keep it up! If not, aim to increase your step count. Boost your non-exercise activity by finding ways to stay active during work. Use a yoga ball as a chair, opt for stairs over the elevator, and park a bit further away. These strategies can enhance your cardio and help you burn more calories. The more consistent movement you incorporate, the better. Start with a daily goal of 5,000 steps and gradually work your way up to 10,000—about three miles or more for most people.

4. Identify Your “Why”

What is your “why”? Why are you challenging yourself to do this? For instance, you may choose to participate in this challenge to get fit before the holidays to avoid extra weight gain. Is your “why” the desire to play with your kids or grandkids? Or perhaps to move without pain? Keep in mind that one pound of weight loss equates to 10 pounds less pressure on your back and six pounds off your knees and hips. Thus, alleviating pain can be a compelling “why” in itself.

5. Stay On Track with Supplements

Are you consistent with your supplements? If not, now is a great time to start. Supplements can provide the equivalent of up to seven servings of vegetables—a target many of us struggle to meet on a daily basis. Consider starting with fish oil. It’ll not only boost metabolism and support joint health but also elevate good cholesterol, reduce bad cholesterol, and generally enhance well-being. 

Probiotics are incredibly beneficial because of the wide range of advantages they offer. Since I started taking them years ago, I’ve noticed that I rarely get sick even when others around me do. Probiotics bolster your immune system, elevate mood by increasing serotonin, improve sleep, and, of course, assist with weight loss.

Searching for more ways to strengthen your health? With all the viruses going around, a fat-soluble vitamin such as vitamin D can be immensely beneficial. Chromium is also an excellent dietary supplement because it helps you reduce carb cravings. 

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6. Ditch Unnecessary Meds

It’s crucial to discuss diabetic medications with your doctor. If you’ve lost more than 10 pounds, ensure they monitor your numbers closely. As you lose weight, your blood pressure, cholesterol, and pulmonary functions can improve, possibly eliminating the need for certain medications. As you amplify your health by shedding weight, you might discover a path leading to a medication-free life.

From Doubt to Dedication: Transforming Your Weight Loss Mindset

It’s natural to harbor doubts about weight loss, especially if your past attempts haven’t been successful. But what happens when despite these tips and your utmost efforts, you still find your motivation waning? Particularly when you’ve tried to stay on track but had a lapse? The answer is simple: wake up the next day and treat it as a fresh start. I always say, “Get back on the horse and put the blinders on.” Stay committed and keep your eyes on the finish line.

During this weight loss challenge, the ultimate question I have to ask is this: are you maintaining an optimistic outlook? It might seem trivial, but optimism not only elevates your mood but can also contribute to a longer life. A positive mindset gives you a brighter perspective. In the long run, it truly benefits your overall life journey.

Continued Weight Loss Success Is Yours!

Congratulations on reaching the halfway mark of your challenge! With four weeks left, there’s still ample opportunity to shed a significant amount of weight. If you’re facing any challenges, feel free to reach out to me directly (social media channels linked below) and I’ll personally respond with advice on how to tackle that specific issue. Remember that you can commit to anything for just four weeks, right? So, why not choose weight loss and healthy eating? The benefits will last a lifetime.

To follow along on the 8-Week Challenge and for more information to participate, check out my kick-off video on YouTube! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for Live updates and daily motivations.

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